Code example for JSONArray

Methods: puttoString

	    // check to see if we have registered a JavaScript native event handler for this event 
	    String jsCommand = jsNativeEventsRegister.get("appPause");
	    if( jsCommand != null && jsCommand != "__available__" ){
	    	// start the JavaScript command stack specified by jsCommand 
	    	JSONArray eventParameters = new JSONArray();
			 *  We'll need to add any information that needs to be passed back to 
			 *  JavaScript as a parameter of the command stack here. 
	    	String aJSONString = eventParameters.toString();
	    	String aJSCallString = "javascript:handleJSONRequest('"+jsCommand+"', '"+aJSONString+"')";
	    	System.out.println( aJSCallString );
	public void onResume() { 
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