Code example for CopyOnWriteArraySet

        // to init everything. Caller MUST call initAll() afterwards. 
        // Sorry, this breaks some main() unit tests out there. 
        if (!_contexts.isEmpty())
            System.err.println("Warning - More than one router in this JVM");
        _finalShutdownTasks = new CopyOnWriteArraySet();
     * Set properties where the defaults must be different from those 
     * in I2PAppContext. 
     * Unless we are explicitly disabling the timestamper, we want to use it. 
     * We need this now as the new timestamper default is disabled (so we don't 
     * have each I2PAppContext creating their own SNTP queries all the time) 
     * Set more PRNG buffers, as the default is now small for the I2PAppContext.