Code example for SSLEngineResult.HandshakeStatus

Methods: ordinal

import org.apache.qpid.transport.ConnectionSettings; 
import org.apache.qpid.transport.Sender; 
import org.apache.qpid.transport.SenderException; 
import org.apache.qpid.transport.util.Logger; 
public class SSLSender implements Sender<ByteBuffer>
    private Sender<ByteBuffer> delegate;
    private SSLEngine engine;
    private int sslBufSize;
    private ByteBuffer netData;
    private long timeout = 30000;
    private ConnectionSettings settings;
    private final Object engineState = new Object();
    private final AtomicBoolean closed = new AtomicBoolean(false);
    private final AtomicBoolean error = new AtomicBoolean(false);
    private static final Logger log = Logger.get(SSLSender.class); 
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