Code example for NfcAdapter

Methods: enableForegroundDispatchsetNdefPushMessage

     * If this needs to be changed in the future, change what the message is, or list a different activity in 
     * setNdefPushMessage. 
    protected void enableNdefExchangeMode() { 
        adapter.setNdefPushMessage(message, activity);
        adapter.enableForegroundDispatch(activity, nfcPendingIntent, ndefExchangeFilters, null);
     * Call to disable any sort of exchange between NDEF devices. 
    protected void disableNdefExchangeMode() { 
//        passing a null value disables foreground NDEF push in the specified activity. 
        adapter.setNdefPushMessage(null, activity);
     * Gets the message from a text view and turns it into an NDEF Message and returns it as well as setting the message