Code example for NfcAdapter

Methods: disableForegroundDispatchisEnabled

     * @param targetActivity An Activity that is in foreground and has 
     * NFC foreground dispatch system enabled. 
     * @see #enableNfcForegroundDispatch(Activity) 
    public static void disableNfcForegroundDispatch(Activity targetActivity) {
        if (mNfcAdapter != null && mNfcAdapter.isEnabled()) {
     * For Activities which want to treat new Intents as Intents with a new 
     * Tag attached. If the given Intent has a Tag extra, the 
     * {@link #mTag} and {@link #mUID} will be updated and a Toast 
     * message will be shown in the calling Context (Activity). 
     * @param intent The Intent which should be checked for a new Tag. 
     * @param context The Context in which the Toast will be shown. 
     * @see #mTag 
     * @see #mUID