Code example for ClientConnectionManager

Methods: shutdown

	    // shut down the connection manager to ensure 
	    // immediate deallocation of all system resources 
		if(httpclient!=null) {
			ClientConnectionManager connectionManager = httpclient.getConnectionManager();
			if(connectionManager!=null) {
	public String getCurrentTimeAsString() {
		return time.format3339(false);
		///To change this str back into a Time object, use the following: 
		//    Time readTime = new Time(); 
		//    readTime.parse3339(timeStr);  //str was saved out using RFC3339 format, so needs to be read in as such 
		//    readTime.switchTimezone("Asia/Tokyo");  //parse3339() automatically converts read in times to UTC.  We need to change it back to the default timezone of the handset (JST in this example) 
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