Code example for LineNumberReader

        Reader reader,
        int limit,
        JSONObject options,
        List<Exception> exceptions
    ) { 
        LineNumberReader lnReader = new LineNumberReader(reader);
        TableDataReader dataReader = new PCAxisTableDataReader(lnReader, exceptions);
        // Stuff these settings to get TabularImportingParserBase.readTable 
        // to behave as we want. 
        JSONUtilities.safePut(options, "ignoreLines", -1);
        JSONUtilities.safePut(options, "headerLines", 1);
        JSONUtilities.safePut(options, "storeBlankRows", true);
        JSONUtilities.safePut(options, "storeBlankCellsAsNulls", true);
            project, metadata, job, dataReader,
            fileSource, limit, options, exceptions);
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