Code example for TwoLineListItem

Methods: getText1getText2

		} else { 
			view = (TwoLineListItem) convertView;
		// Set value for the first text field 
		TextView textView1 = view.getText1();
		if (textView1!=null) {
			Book book = translationDto.getBook();
		// set value for the second text field 
		TextView textView2 = view.getText2();
		if (textView2!=null) {
			// but first, this book may require a custom font to display it 
			if (translationDto.getCustomFontFile()!=null) {
				Typeface typeFace = Typeface.createFromFile(translationDto.getCustomFontFile());
				textView2.setTypeface(typeFace, Typeface.NORMAL);
			} else { 
				// reset typeface in case this TwoLineListItemView is being reused 
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