Code example for LinearInterpolator

 * button. The logic of drawing the button with a skew transform is handled in the 
 * draw() override. 
public class AnticiButton extends Button {
    private static final LinearInterpolator sLinearInterpolator = new LinearInterpolator();
    private static final DecelerateInterpolator sDecelerator = new DecelerateInterpolator(8);
    private static final AccelerateInterpolator sAccelerator = new AccelerateInterpolator();
    private static final OvershootInterpolator sOvershooter = new OvershootInterpolator();
    private static final DecelerateInterpolator sQuickDecelerator = new DecelerateInterpolator();
    private float mSkewX = 0;
    ObjectAnimator downAnim = null;
    boolean mOnLeft = true;
    RectF mTempRect = new RectF();
    public AnticiButton(Context context) {