Code example for ImageView

Methods: setImageBitmap

		this.roundPixels = roundPixels;
	public Bitmap display(Bitmap bitmap, ImageView imageView, LoadedFrom loadedFrom) {
		Bitmap roundedBitmap = roundCorners(bitmap, imageView, roundPixels);
		return roundedBitmap;
	 * Process incoming {@linkplain Bitmap} to make rounded corners according to target {@link ImageView}.<br /> 
	 * This method <b>doesn't display</b> result bitmap in {@link ImageView} 
	 * @param bitmap      Incoming Bitmap to process 
	 * @param imageView   Target {@link ImageView} to display bitmap in 
	 * @param roundPixels 
	 * @return Result bitmap with rounded corners 
	public static Bitmap roundCorners(Bitmap bitmap, ImageView imageView, int roundPixels) {
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