Code example for Time

Methods: format3339setswitchTimezone

			if (command != null) {
				jsonNote.put("command", command);
			Time time = new Time();
			time.set(note.getDateUpdate() * 1000);
			jsonNote.put("title", note.getTitle());
			jsonNote.put("note-content", note.getContent());
			jsonNote.put("last-change-date", time.format3339(false));
			jsonNote.put("latest-sync-revision", revision);
			jsonNoteChanges.put(0, jsonNote);
			jsonRequest.put("latest-sync-revision", revision);
			jsonRequest.put("note-changes", jsonNoteChanges);
			// TODO: Response should be an object that contains status and response string 
			String response = httpPut(API_URL, jsonRequest.toString(), true);
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