Code example for Time

Methods: format3339setToNow

	public String getCurrentTimeAsString() {
		return time.format3339(false);
		///To change this str back into a Time object, use the following: 
		//    Time readTime = new Time(); 
		//    readTime.parse3339(timeStr);  //str was saved out using RFC3339 format, so needs to be read in as such 
		//    readTime.switchTimezone("Asia/Tokyo");  //parse3339() automatically converts read in times to UTC.  We need to change it back to the default timezone of the handset (JST in this example) 
	public static StringBuilder getReplyBody(final HttpResponse reply) throws IOException {
		final String TAG = "RestServiceBase.getReplyBody()";
		if(reply==null) {
			return null;