Code example for PipedInputStream

    public static DataNetSocketPair createDataNetSocketPair() throws IOException { 
        DataNetSocketPair result = new DataNetSocketPair(); 
        // create stream from higher layer 
        PipedInputStream fromHigherLayerIS = new PipedInputStream(); 
        PipedOutputStream fromHigherLayerOS = new PipedOutputStream(fromHigherLayerIS); 
        // stream to higher layer 
        PipedInputStream toHigherLayerIS = new PipedInputStream(); 
        PipedOutputStream toHigherLayerOS = new PipedOutputStream(toHigherLayerIS); 
        // create socket provided to higher layer 
        result.setSocket(new DataNetSocketImpl(toHigherLayerIS, fromHigherLayerOS)); 
        result.setInvertedSocked(new DataNetSocketImpl(fromHigherLayerIS, toHigherLayerOS)); 
        return result; 
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