Code example for TimeZone

Methods: setDefault

     * Format and return the given {@link Blocks} and {@link Rooms} values using 
     * {@link #CONFERENCE_TIME_ZONE}. 
    public static Spanned formatSessionSubtitle(long blockStart, long blockEnd,
            String roomName, Context context) {
        // NOTE: There is an efficient version of formatDateRange in Eclair and 
        // beyond that allows you to recycle a StringBuilder. 
        final CharSequence timeString = DateUtils.formatDateRange(context,
                blockStart, blockEnd, TIME_FLAGS);
        // can be returned by devoxx api 
        if (roomName == null || roomName == "null"){
        	roomName = "N/A";
        return Html.fromHtml(timeString +" @ <u><b>" + roomName + "</b></u>");
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