Code example for InputStream

Methods: markSupported

     * Tell whether this stream supports the mark() operation. 
    public boolean markSupported() { 
	return fInputStream.markSupported();
    } // markSupported() 
     * Mark the present position in the stream.  Subsequent calls to reset() 
     * will attempt to reposition the stream to this point.  Not all 
     * character-input streams support the mark() operation. 
     * @param  readAheadLimit  Limit on the number of characters that may be 
     *                         read while still preserving the mark.  After 
     *                         reading this many characters, attempting to 
     *                         reset the stream may fail. 
     * @exception  IOException  If the stream does not support mark(), 
     *                          or if some other I/O error occurs