Code example for Collection

Methods: isEmpty

     * @param paramTypes                The param types accepted by the method 
     * @return 
    public static Collection<Method> findMethods(final DeploymentReflectionIndex deploymentReflectionIndex, final ClassReflectionIndex classReflectionIndex, final String methodName, final String... paramTypes) {
        final Collection<Method> methods = classReflectionIndex.getMethods(methodName, paramTypes);
        if (!methods.isEmpty()) {
            return methods;
        // find on super class 
        Class<?> superClass = classReflectionIndex.getIndexedClass().getSuperclass();
        if (superClass != null) {
            ClassReflectionIndex<?> superClassIndex = deploymentReflectionIndex.getClassIndex(superClass);
            if (superClassIndex != null) {
                return findMethods(deploymentReflectionIndex, superClassIndex, methodName, paramTypes);
        return methods;
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