Code example for Permission

Methods: getActions

     * @return Action list of this permission instance. It is always "privatearea". 
     * @see 
    public String getActions() {
        return delegate.getActions();
     * Checks if this DeploymentCustomizerPermission would imply the parameter permission. 
     * This permission implies another DeploymentCustomizerPermission permission if: 
     * <ul> 
     * 		<li>both of them has the "privatearea" action (other actions are not allowed) and</li> 
     * 		<li>their filters (only name attribute is allowed in the filters) match similarly to  
     * 		{@link DeploymentAdminPermission}.</li> 
     * </ul> 
     * The value of the name attribute means Bundle Symbolic Name and not Deployment Package  
     * Symbolic Name here!<p>