Code example for Permission

Methods: getActions

     * @return Action list of this permission instance. This is a comma-separated  
     *         list that reflects the action parameter of the constructor. 
     * @see 
    public String getActions() {
        return delegate.getActions();
     * Checks if this DeploymentAdminPermission would imply the parameter permission.<p> 
     * Precondition of the implication is that the action set of this permission is the superset  
     * of the action set of the other permission. Further rules of implication are determined  
     * by the {@link org.osgi.framework.Filter} rules and the "OSGi Service Platform, Core  
     * Specification Release 4, Chapter Certificate Matching".<p> 
     * The allowed attributes are: <code>name</code> (the symbolic name of the deployment  
     * package) and <code>signer</code> (the signer of the deployment package). In both cases  
     * wildcards can be used.<p> 
     * Examples: