Code example for BasicClientCookie

Methods: setDomainsetPath

                "Apache-HttpClient/potdroid " + mSettings.getString("unique_uagent", "potdroid"));
        // check if login cookie exists. If so, attach it to the 
        // http client 
        if (mSettings.contains("cookie_name")) {
            BasicClientCookie cookie = new BasicClientCookie(mSettings.getString("cookie_name",
                    null), mSettings.getString("cookie_value", null));
            cookie.setPath(mSettings.getString("cookie_path", null));
            cookie.setDomain(mSettings.getString("cookie_url", null));
     * Get a xml document from the api 
     * @throws NoConnectionException  
    public Document getDocument(String url) throws NoConnectionException {
        Document document;
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