Code example for AccelerateInterpolator

    private CharSequence mPullRefreshLabel, mRefreshingLabel, mReleaseLabel;
    private boolean mUseCustomProgressColor = false;
    private int mProgressDrawableColor;
    private final Interpolator mInterpolator = new AccelerateInterpolator();
    protected DefaultHeaderTransformer() { 
        final int min = getMinimumApiLevel();
        if (Build.VERSION.SDK_INT < min) {
            throw new IllegalStateException("This HeaderTransformer is designed to run on SDK "
                    + min
                    + "+. If using ActionBarSherlock or ActionBarCompat you should use the appropriate provided extra."); 
    public void onViewCreated(Activity activity, View headerView) {
        // Get ProgressBar and TextView. Also set initial text on TextView 
        mHeaderProgressBar = (ProgressBar) headerView.findViewById(;