Code example for DrmManagerClient

Methods: getOriginalMimeType

        Xlog.i(TAG, "ImageModel got file path: " + mPath);
        Xlog.i(TAG, "ImageModel got file extension: " + extension);
        mContentType = mimeTypeMap.getMimeTypeFromExtension(extension);
        if (mContentType == null && extension.equals("dcf")) {
        	DrmManagerClient drmManager= new DrmManagerClient(mContext);
        	mContentType = drmManager.getOriginalMimeType(mPath);
        	Xlog.i(TAG, "ImageModel got drm content, mContentType: " + mContentType);
        Xlog.i(TAG, "ImageModel got mContentType: " + mContentType);
        // It's ok if mContentType is null. Eventually we'll show a toast telling the 
        // user the picture couldn't be attached. 
    private void initFromContentUri(Context context, Uri uri) {
        Cursor c = SqliteWrapper.query(context, context.getContentResolver(),
                            uri, null, null, null, null);
        if (c == null) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException(
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