Code example for Application

Methods: getPackageName

public class AdjustIo { 
    // Tell AdjustIo that the application did launch. This is required to 
    // initialize AdjustIo. Call this in the onCreate method of your launch 
    // activity. 
    public static void appDidLaunch(Application app) {
        appId = app.getPackageName();
        macAddress = Util.getMacAddress(app);
        userAgent = Util.getUserAgent(app);
        androidId = Util.getAndroidId(app);
        attributionId = Util.getAttributionId(app);
    // Track any kind of event. You can assign a callback url to the event which 
    // will get called every time the event is reported. You can also provide 
    // parameters that will be forwarded to these callbacks. 
    public static void trackEvent(String eventId) {
        trackEvent(eventId, null);