Code example for UnderlineSpan

        activity.startActivity( intent );
    static public SpannableString underline(String s){
    	SpannableString content = new SpannableString(s);
    	content.setSpan(new UnderlineSpan(), 0, content.length(), 0);
    	return content;
    static public boolean window_orientaion(Context context){
    	return context.getResources().getConfiguration().orientation == Configuration.ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE;
    static public View get_view_from_res(Activity context, int resId){
    	LayoutInflater inflater = context.getLayoutInflater();
		return inflater.inflate(resId,null);
    // 计算字符串的md5,结果为十六进制大写字符 
    static private String getMd5Str(String str) {  
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