Code example for Bidi

Methods: createLineBidi

    public void testCreateLineBidi_AndroidFailure() { 
        // This is a difference between ICU4C and the RI. ICU4C insists that 'limit' is strictly 
        // greater than 'start'. We have to paper over this in our Java code. 
        Bidi bidi = new Bidi("str", Bidi.DIRECTION_RIGHT_TO_LEFT);
        bidi.createLineBidi(2, 2);
    public void testGetRunLevelLInt() { 
        bd = new Bidi("text", Bidi.DIRECTION_LEFT_TO_RIGHT);
        try { 
            assertEquals(0, bd.getRunLevel(0));
            assertEquals(0, bd.getRunLevel(bd.getRunCount()));
        } catch (Exception e) {
            fail("Unexpected exception: " + e);
        bd = new Bidi("text", Bidi.DIRECTION_RIGHT_TO_LEFT);
        try { 
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