Code example for PagerAdapter

Methods: finishUpdate

		view = null;
	public void finishUpdate(ViewGroup container) {
	public Object instantiateItem(ViewGroup container, int position) {
        LinearLayout.LayoutParams mParams = new LinearLayout.LayoutParams(
			LinearLayout.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT, LinearLayout.LayoutParams.WRAP_CONTENT);
        // set parameters for UrlImageViewHelper 
		UrlImageViewHelper.setUseZoomIn(false); // enable zoom in 
		UrlImageViewHelper.setUseZoomOut(false); // don't zoom out 
		UrlImageViewHelper.setMaxImageSize(0); // load all size 
		// initialize TouchImageView 
		String imageUrl = m_imageUrls.get(position);
		TouchImageView iv = new TouchImageView(m_context);
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