Code example for WebView

Methods: getOriginalUrlgetSettingsgetUrl

    public DownloadTouchIcon(Tab tab, Context ctx, ContentResolver cr, WebView view) {
        mTab = tab;
        mContext = ctx.getApplicationContext();
        mContentResolver = cr;
        // Store these in case they change. 
        mOriginalUrl = view.getOriginalUrl();
        mUrl = view.getUrl();
        mUserAgent = view.getSettings().getUserAgentString();
     * Use this ctor to download the touch icon and update the bookmarks database 
     * entry for the given url. Used when the user creates a bookmark from 
     * within the bookmarks activity and there haven't been any redirects. 
     * TODO: Would be nice to set the user agent here so that there is no 
     * potential for the three different ctors here to return different icons. 
    public DownloadTouchIcon(Context ctx, ContentResolver cr, String url) {
        mTab = null;
        mContext = ctx.getApplicationContext();