Code example for ExpandableListView

Methods: getSelectedPosition

     * @return A packed position representation containing the currently 
     *         selected group or child's position and type. 
    public long getSelectedPosition() { 
        return mList.getSelectedPosition();
     * Sets the selection to the specified child. If the child is in a collapsed 
     * group, the group will only be expanded and child subsequently selected if 
     * shouldExpandGroup is set to true, otherwise the method will return false. 
     * @param groupPosition The position of the group that contains the child. 
     * @param childPosition The position of the child within the group. 
     * @param shouldExpandGroup Whether the child's group should be expanded if 
     *            it is collapsed. 
     * @return Whether the selection was successfully set on the child. 
    public boolean setSelectedChild(int groupPosition, int childPosition, boolean shouldExpandGroup) {
        return mList.setSelectedChild(groupPosition, childPosition, shouldExpandGroup);