Code example for AtomicInteger

Methods: compareAndSetget

         * the thread that constructed the region. It is thread-safe against other 
         * threads calling alloc(), who will block until the allocation is complete. 
        public void init() 
            assert nextFreeOffset.get() == UNINITIALIZED;
            data = ByteBuffer.allocate(size);
            assert data.remaining() == data.capacity();
            // Mark that it's ready for use 
            boolean initted = nextFreeOffset.compareAndSet(UNINITIALIZED, 0);
            // We should always succeed the above CAS since only one thread calls init()! 
            Preconditions.checkState(initted, "Multiple threads tried to init same region");
         * Try to allocate <code>size</code> bytes from the region. 
         * @return the successful allocation, or null to indicate not-enough-space 
        public ByteBuffer allocate(int size)