Code example for LruCache

Methods: get

     * If only wants values that are not expired, use {@link #get(Object)} instead. 
     * @param key the key to look up 
    public CachedValue<V> getCachedValue(K key) {
        return mCache.get(key);
     * Returns the value for the given key, or null if no value exists. 
     * <p> 
     * When using this method, it is not possible to determine whether the value is expired or not. 
     * Use {@link #getCachedValue(Object)} to achieve that instead. However, if using 
     * {@link #getCachedValue(Object)} to determine if an item is expired, one should use the item 
     * within the {@link CachedValue} and not call {@link #getPossiblyExpired(Object)} to get the 
     * value afterwards, since that is not guaranteed to return the same value or that the newly 
     * returned value is in the same state. 
     * @param key the key to look up