Code example for PKIXParameters

Methods: getTrustAnchors

            fail(getName() + ": not performed (could not create test TrustAnchor set)");
        HashSet originalSet = (HashSet)taSet;
        HashSet originalSetCopy = (HashSet)originalSet.clone();
        // create test object using originalSet  
        PKIXParameters pp = new PKIXParameters(originalSetCopy);
        // modify originalSet 
        // check that test object's internal state 
        // has not been affected by the above modification 
        Set returnedSet = pp.getTrustAnchors();
        assertEquals(originalSet, returnedSet);
     * Test #3 for <code>PKIXParameters(Set)</code> constructor<br> 
     * Assertion: <code>NullPointerException</code> - 
     * if the specified <code>Set</code> is null 
    public final void testPKIXParametersSet03() throws Exception { 
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