Code example for PKIXParameters

Methods: isRevocationEnabledsetRevocationEnabled

        Set taSet = TestUtils.getTrustAnchorSet();
        if (taSet == null) {
            fail(getName() + ": not performed (could not create test TrustAnchor set)");
        PKIXParameters p = new PKIXParameters(taSet);
        assertFalse("setFalse", p.isRevocationEnabled());
        assertTrue("setTrue", p.isRevocationEnabled());
     * Test for <code>getSigProvider()</code> method<br> 
     * Assertion: returns the signature provider's name, 
     * or null if not set 
     * @throws InvalidAlgorithmParameterException 
    public final void testGetSigProvider() throws Exception { 
        Set taSet = TestUtils.getTrustAnchorSet();
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