Code example for PlusClient

Methods: getAccountNamegetCurrentPersonisConnected

	 *            The connected PlusClient which gives us access to the Google+ 
	 *            APIs. 
	public void onSignedIn(PlusClient plusClient) {
		if (plusClient.isConnected()) {
			// We can now obtain the signed-in user's profile information. 
			mPlusPerson = plusClient.getCurrentPerson();
			// Retrieve the account name of the user which allows us to retrieve 
			// the OAuth access 
			// token that we securely pass over to the PhotoHunt service to 
			// identify and 
			// authenticate our user there. 
			final String name = plusClient.getAccountName();
			// Asynchronously authenticate with the PhotoHunt service and 
			// retrieve the associated 
			// PhotoHunt profile for the user. 
			// mAuthTask = new AsyncTask<Object, Void, User>() {