Code example for PlusClient

Methods: getAccountNamegetCurrentPersonisConnected

	 *            The connected PlusClient which gives us access to the Google+ 
	 *            APIs. 
	public void onSignedIn(PlusClient plusClient) {
		if (plusClient.isConnected()) {
			mPlusPerson = plusClient.getCurrentPerson();
			Log.v(TAG_LOGIN_ACTIVITY, "Display Name=="+mPlusPerson.getDisplayName());
			Log.v(TAG_LOGIN_ACTIVITY, "Birthday=="+mPlusPerson.getBirthday());
			Log.v(TAG_LOGIN_ACTIVITY, "Age Range=="+mPlusPerson.getAgeRange());
			// Retrieve the account name of the user which allows us to retrieve 
			// the OAuth access token. 
			final String accountName = plusClient.getAccountName();
			Log.v(TAG_LOGIN_ACTIVITY, "account name=="+accountName);
	 * Invoked when the {@link PlusClientFragment} delegate has failed to