Code example for PublicKey

Methods: getAlgorithm

    public RetrievalMethod newRetrievalMethod(String uri) {
        return newRetrievalMethod(uri, null, null);
    public RetrievalMethod newRetrievalMethod(String uri, String type,
        List transforms) {
        if (uri == null) {
            throw new NullPointerException("uri must not be null");
        return new DOMRetrievalMethod(uri, type, transforms);
    public X509Data newX509Data(List content) {
        return new DOMX509Data(content);
    public X509IssuerSerial newX509IssuerSerial(String issuerName,
        BigInteger serialNumber) {
        return new DOMX509IssuerSerial(issuerName, serialNumber);
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