Code example for Account

     * Test that we can create, remove and retrieve periodic syncs 
    public void testPeriodics() throws Exception { 
        final Account account1 = new Account("", "example.type");
        final Account account2 = new Account("", "example.type.2");
        final String authority = "testprovider";
        final Bundle extras1 = new Bundle();
        extras1.putString("a", "1");
        final Bundle extras2 = new Bundle();
        extras2.putString("a", "2");
        final int period1 = 200;
        final int period2 = 1000;
        PeriodicSync sync1 = new PeriodicSync(account1, authority, extras1, period1);
        PeriodicSync sync2 = new PeriodicSync(account1, authority, extras2, period1);
        PeriodicSync sync3 = new PeriodicSync(account1, authority, extras2, period2);
        PeriodicSync sync4 = new PeriodicSync(account2, authority, extras2, period2);
        MockContentResolver mockResolver = new MockContentResolver();
        SyncStorageEngine engine = SyncStorageEngine.newTestInstance(
                new TestContext(mockResolver, getContext()));
        removePeriodicSyncs(engine, account1, 0, authority);
        removePeriodicSyncs(engine, account2, 0, authority);
        removePeriodicSyncs(engine, account1, 1, authority);
        // this should add two distinct periodic syncs for account1 and one for account2 
        engine.addPeriodicSync(sync1.account, 0, sync1.authority, sync1.extras, sync1.period);
        engine.addPeriodicSync(sync2.account, 0, sync2.authority, sync2.extras, sync2.period);
        engine.addPeriodicSync(sync3.account, 0, sync3.authority, sync3.extras, sync3.period);
        engine.addPeriodicSync(sync4.account, 0, sync4.authority, sync4.extras, sync4.period);
        // add a second user 
        engine.addPeriodicSync(sync2.account, 1, sync2.authority, sync2.extras, sync2.period);
        List<PeriodicSync> syncs = engine.getPeriodicSyncs(account1, 0, authority);
        assertEquals(2, syncs.size());
        assertEquals(sync1, syncs.get(0));
        assertEquals(sync3, syncs.get(1));
        engine.removePeriodicSync(sync1.account, 0, sync1.authority, sync1.extras);
        syncs = engine.getPeriodicSyncs(account1, 0, authority);
        assertEquals(1, syncs.size());
        assertEquals(sync3, syncs.get(0));
        syncs = engine.getPeriodicSyncs(account2, 0, authority);
        assertEquals(1, syncs.size());