Code example for LatLngBounds

Methods: contains

		return groundOverlay;
	//returns elevation of given point 
	public double pixelValueFromLatLng(LatLng point) {
		if (rasterBounds.contains(point)) {
			//use linear interpolation to figure out which pixel to get data from 
			//should be accurate since fields <= ~1 mile wide 
			double north = ne.longitude;
			double east = ne.latitude;
			double south = sw.longitude;
			double west = sw.latitude;
			int width = rasterLayerBitmap.getWidth();
			int height = rasterLayerBitmap.getHeight();
			double x = (double)width*(point.latitude-west)/(east-west);
			double y = (double)height*(point.longitude-south)/(north-south);
			//retrieve packed int