Code example for LightingColorFilter

    public ActionBarDrawable(Resources res, Drawable d, int normalColor, int altColor) {
        // TODO Cyril: Remove this constructor or the similar Context-based one. 
        // They are actually the same ... 
        super(res, (d instanceof BitmapDrawable) ? ((BitmapDrawable) d).getBitmap() : null);
        mNormalCf = new LightingColorFilter(Color.BLACK, normalColor);
        mAltCf = new LightingColorFilter(Color.BLACK, altColor);
     * Create a new ActionBarDrawable using the specified resource identifier. 
     * @param context The Context used to retrieve resources (Bitmap/theme) 
     * @param resId The resource identifier pointing to the icon's Bitmap 
    public ActionBarDrawable(Context context, int resId) {
        this(context, context.getResources().getDrawable(resId));