Code example for ImageView.ScaleType

Methods: ordinal

 * Methods that are hidden inside the ImageView Android implementation. 
 * @author Roman Mazur (Stanfy - 
final class ImageViewHiddenMethods { 
  /** Temp objects. */ 
  private static final RectF SRC_RECT = new RectF(), DST_RECT = new RectF();
  private ImageViewHiddenMethods() { /* hide */ } 
  private static Matrix.ScaleToFit scaleTypeToScaleToFit(final ScaleType st)  {
    switch (st) {
    case FIT_XY: return Matrix.ScaleToFit.FILL;
    case FIT_START: return Matrix.ScaleToFit.START;
    case FIT_CENTER: return Matrix.ScaleToFit.CENTER;
    case FIT_END: return Matrix.ScaleToFit.END;
      return null; 
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