Code example for Parcel

Methods: writeFloat

            return 0; 
        public void writeToParcel(Parcel dest, int flags) {
     * Example of a custom {@code MapFragment} showing how the position of a marker and other custom 
     * {@link Parcelable}s objects can be saved after rotation of the device. 
     * <p> 
     * Storing custom {@link Parcelable} objects directly in the {@link Bundle} provided by the 
     * {@link #onActivityCreated(Bundle)} method will throw a {@code ClassNotFoundException}. This 
     * is due to the fact that this Bundle is parceled (thus losing its ClassLoader attribute at 
     * this moment) and unparceled later in a different ClassLoader. 
     * <br> 
     * A workaround to store these objects is to wrap the custom {@link Parcelable} objects in a new 
     * {@link Bundle} object.