Code example for ECPoint

Methods: getAffineY

     * Test preconditions: none<br> 
     * Expected: must return <code>null</code> for 
     * <code>ECPoint.POINT_INFINITY</code> 
    public final void testGetAffineY02() { 
     * Test #1 for <code>equals(Object other)</code> method<br> 
     * Assertion: return true if this and other objects are equal<br> 
     * Test preconditions: see test comments<br> 
     * Expected: all objects in this test must be equal 
    public final void testEqualsObject01() { 
        // test case 1: must be equal to itself 
        ECPoint p2=null, p1 =
            new ECPoint(BigInteger.valueOf(-23456L), BigInteger.ONE);
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