Code example for BigDecimal

Methods: multiply

		if (isDouble(instance.getClass()))
			return (T) new Double(((Double)instance).doubleValue());
		if (isFloat(instance.getClass()))
			return (T) new Float(((Float)instance).floatValue());
		if (isBigDecimal(instance.getClass())) {		
			return (T) ((BigDecimal)instance).multiply(new BigDecimal(new Integer(1)));
		if (isString(instance.getClass()))
			return (T)new String((String)instance); // copy so we can tell that it changed (even though Strings are immutable)
		if (isDate(instance.getClass())) {		
			return (T) ((Date)instance).clone();
		throw new RuntimeException(String.format("Class %s not supported", instance.getClass().getSimpleName()));
	 *  Convert the given string to the given primitive class 
	 * @param clazz 
	 * @param string 
	 * @return 
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