Code example for HostnameVerifier

Methods: verify

        + "1cxNfGxxechgF8HX10QV4dkyzp6Z1cfwvCeMrT5G/V1pejago0ayXx+GPLbWlNeZ\n" 
        + "S+Kl0m3p+QplXujtwG5fYcIpaGpiYraBLx3Tadih39QN65CnAh/zRDhLCUzKyt9l\n" 
        + "UGPLEUDzRHMPHLnSqT1n5UU5UDRytbjJPXzF+l/+WZIsanefWLsxnkgAuZe/oMMF\n" 
        + "EJMryEzOjg4Tfuc5qM0EXoPcQ/JlheaxZ40p2IyHqbsWV4MRYuFH4bkM\n" 
        + "-----END CERTIFICATE-----\n"); 
    assertTrue(verifier.verify("", session));
    assertTrue(verifier.verify("\u82b1\", session));
   * Ignored due to incompatibilities between Android and Java on how non-ASCII 
   * subject alt names are parsed. Android fails to parse these, which means we 
   * fall back to the CN. The RI does parse them, so the CN is unused. 
  @Test @Ignore public void testWilcardNonAsciiSubjectAlt() throws Exception { 
    // CN=*, subjectAlt=*, subjectAlt=*.花子 
    // (* in kanji) 
    SSLSession session = session(""
        + "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----\n" 
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