Code example for HttpClient

Methods: getParams

    public GoogleSuggestClient(Context context, Handler uiThread,
            NamedTaskExecutor iconLoader, Config config) {
        super(context, uiThread, iconLoader);
        mHttpClient = AndroidHttpClient.newInstance(USER_AGENT, context);
        HttpParams params = mHttpClient.getParams();
        params.setLongParameter(HTTP_TIMEOUT, config.getHttpConnectTimeout());
        // NOTE:  Do not look up the resource here;  Localization changes may not have completed 
        // yet (e.g. we may still be reading the SIM card). 
        mSuggestUri = null;
    public ComponentName getIntentComponent() {
        return new ComponentName(getContext(), GoogleSearch.class);
    public SourceResult queryInternal(String query) {