Code example for Activity

Methods: overridePendingTransition

public class MethodsCompat { 
    public static void overridePendingTransition(Activity activity, int enter_anim, int exit_anim) {
       	activity.overridePendingTransition(enter_anim, exit_anim);
    public static Bitmap getThumbnail(ContentResolver cr, long origId, int kind, Options options) {
       	return MediaStore.Images.Thumbnails.getThumbnail(cr,origId,kind, options);
    public static File getExternalCacheDir(Context context) {
//	    // return context.getExternalCacheDir(); API level 8 
//	    // e.g. "<sdcard>/Android/data/<package_name>/cache/" 
//	    final File extCacheDir = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), 
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