Code example for Interpolator

Methods: getInterpolation

        final float delay = delayPercent * duration;
        final long viewDelay = (long) (getTransformedIndex(expanded, childCount, index) * delay);
        final float totalDelay = delay * childCount;
        float normalizedDelay = viewDelay / totalDelay;
        normalizedDelay = interpolator.getInterpolation(normalizedDelay);
        return (long) (normalizedDelay * totalDelay);
    private static int getTransformedIndex(final boolean expanded, final int count, final int index) {
        if (expanded) {
            return count - 1 - index;
        return index;
    private static Animation createExpandAnimation(float fromXDelta, float toXDelta, float fromYDelta, float toYDelta,
            long startOffset, long duration, Interpolator interpolator) {
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