Code example for GL11

Methods: glClipPlanef

    public void glClipPlanef(int plane, float[] equation, int offset) {
        mgl11.glClipPlanef(plane, equation, offset);
    public void glClipPlanef(int plane, FloatBuffer equation) {
        mgl11.glClipPlanef(plane, equation);
    public void glClipPlanex(int plane, int[] equation, int offset) {
        mgl11.glClipPlanex(plane, equation, offset);
    public void glClipPlanex(int plane, IntBuffer equation) {
        mgl11.glClipPlanex(plane, equation);
    // Draw Texture Extension 
    public void glDrawTexfOES(float x, float y, float z,
        float width, float height) {
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