Code example for SortedSet

Methods: subSet

	public void addWord(String word) {
	public SortedSet<String> getCompletions(String prefix) {
		return lexicon.subSet(prefix, prefix + Character.MAX_VALUE);
	 * Find the greatest common prefix of a sorted set. 
	 * @param compl 
	 * @return 
	public static String greatestCommonPrefix(SortedSet<String> compl) {
		StringBuilder buf = new StringBuilder(compl.last().length());
		char[] s1 = compl.first().toCharArray();
		char[] s2 = compl.last().toCharArray();
		for (int i=0; i<Math.min(s1.length, s2.length); ++i) {
			if (s1[i]==s2[i]) buf.append(s1[i]);
			else break; 
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