Code example for NamedNodeMap

Methods: item

     * @return The attribute name as a string, or null if there is no attribute 
     *         at that position. 
    public String getName(final int i) {
        if (_map != null) {
            Attr attr = (Attr) _map.item(i);
            return attr.getName();
        return null; 
    } //-- getName 
     * Returns the type of the attribute at the specified index. 
     * @param i The position of the attribute in the list. 
     * @return The attribute type as a string ("NMTOKEN" for an enumeration, and 
     *         "CDATA" if no declaration was read), or null if there is no 
     *         attribute at that position. <br/><b>Note:</b> Not supported, 
     *         will simply return null.