Code example for NamedNodeMap

Methods: getNamedItemNS

   * @return The attribute value as a string, or null if the 
   *         attribute is not in the list. 
  public String getValue(String uri, String localName)
        Node a=m_attrs.getNamedItemNS(uri,localName);
        return (a==null) ? null : a.getNodeValue();
   * Look up the index of an attribute by Namespace name. 
   * @param uri The Namespace URI, or the empty string if 
   *        the name has no Namespace URI. 
   * @param localPart The attribute's local name. 
   * @return The index of the attribute, or -1 if it does not 
   *         appear in the list. 
  public int getIndex(String uri, String localPart)