Code example for CertPathTrustManagerParameters

	protected void engineInit(KeyStore keyStore) throws KeyStoreException {
		try { 
					.engineInit(new CertPathTrustManagerParameters(
							new X509ProxyCertPathParameters(keyStore, null,
									null, false))); 
		} catch (InvalidAlgorithmParameterException e) {
			throw new KeyStoreException(e);
	 * Initializes this factory with a source of provider-specific key material. 
	 * In some cases, initialization parameters other than a keystore may be 
	 * needed by a provider. Users of that particular provider are expected to 
	 * pass an implementation of the appropriate ManagerFactoryParameters as 
	 * defined by the provider. The provider can then call the specified methods 
	 * in the ManagerFactoryParameters implementation to obtain the needed